Vaillancourt vs Doordash Technologies Canada inc.


The purpose of this class action is to obtain reimbursement by Doordash of the amounts overpaid by the members of the Class during transactions on its sites or on its mobile application, as well as punitive damages. More specifically, Doordash collected GST and QST taxes on the amounts before rebates on service charges, all in contravention in particular of section 227.1 Consumer Protection Act.

Proposed Class

Any person holding a DashPass subscription who, in Quebec, made a transaction on the DoorDash mobile app or on the websites or, and which have overpaid an amount equivalent to the taxes on the fee reduction granted by this DashPass subscription”;

Remedies sought for consumers

CONDEMN the defendant to reimburse the plaintiff and each member of the Class the amounts overpaid for each of the transactions carried out, with interest at the legal rate plus the additional indemnity provided for in Article 1619 C.C.Q. calculated from the filing of the authorization application;

CONDEMN, as punitive damages, the defendant to pay the plaintiff and the members of the Class an amount of five dollars ($5) for each transaction, with interest at the legal rate plus the additional indemnity provided for in article 1619 C.c.Q. calculated from the judgment to intervene.


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