Registration Form – Lachaine v. Air Transat and Air Canada and Sunwing and Westjet and als. (Covid-19)

Lachaine -vs- Air Transat, Air Canada, Sunwing and Westjet (COVID-19)

This form is intended for any indivual:

  • Who purchased or holds an airline ticket or travel package with Air Transat, Transat Tours Canada Inc., Air Canada or Touram Limited Partnership, Vacances Transat, Air Canada Vacations, , Sunwing Airlines, Vacances Sunwing, Westjet Airlines and Westjet Vacations and;
  • which subsequently had to be cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic, and;
  • who were unable to obtain reimbursement.

    However, we invite you to register even if you have accepted the credit offered. We may ask for the possibility that members (consumers) may request a refund even if they have agreed to a credit with one of the defendants (Air Canada, Air Transat, Transat Holidays and Air Canada Vacations.

    (This form is not related to the case Jutras vs. Air Canada (737 MAX))